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Natural Stone Agate Labradorite & Freshwater Pearl Beads Bracelet

$69.99 USD

Our multi-layered agate labradorite and freshwater pearl bracelet feature a phenomenal collaboration of natural stones. Stacked on top of each other the stones showcases a brilliant design that will consume every fiber of your being. While offering you a natural healing bracelet that can easily be worn at all times. As you show off your stunning sense of style, you will be able to benefit from its endless natural advantages.

The bracelet holds a powerful design, that can help guide you through any change in your life. By balancing your aura, conscious, raises, and grounding spiritual energies; the bracelet help creates a more relaxed state of body and mind. Opening you towards new possibilities, while help you naturally heal your brain, eyes, and mental acuity.

- Stone: Natural
- Metal: Copper
- Size: 21-22, 19-20, & 20-12cm