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Natural Malachite Stone Beads Bracelet

$14.99 USD


Our malachite natural stone charm bracelet features a collaboration of stunning malachite beads, that comes paired with a beautiful hanging charm. Wearing natural malachite can help you clear and activate your chakras; focusing mainly on your throat and heart chakras. Known as the stone of transformation, malachite can help guide you through any phase of your life.

The stunning malachite natural stone charm bracelet comes with four charm choices. Offering you the tree of life, lotus, buddha, and om charms. Choosing the right charm is crucial, as it offers you natural power that can help secure your route to recovery. The tree of life offers a fresh start, the buddha head offers inner peace, the lotus brings purity, while the om charm helps achieve a tranquil state.

- Stone: Natural Malachite
- Size: Stretchable
- Metal: Stainless Steel