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Natural Stone Red Brown line Agate Turquoise Beads Bracelet

$44.99 USD


Our beautiful agate turquoise natural stone bracelet features a slight chunky yet stunning beaded bracelet showcasing red and brown beads, paired with agate turquoise. The natural stones bring forward a charm like no other and are divided using a sleek and stylish copper ring addition. Adding texture and character to its overall design.

Wearing the agate turquoise bracelet can help protect the wearer against excessive negativity. While offering you a soothing, peaceful, and harmonious sense. A natural healing stone-like not other, that offers you a spectacular appearance, that comes with natural healing powers. Additionally, the turquoise stone is healing to your eyes, and soothing to your touch; making sure you have a bracelet that offers a great deal more than style.

- Stones: Semi-precious
- Size: Stretchable
- Metal: Copper