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Buddha Third Eye Beaded Bracelet

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Our minimally designed buddha third eye beaded bracelet features a collection of wooden beads, that comes with three small dots. These wooden balls are crafted using premium-grade wood and showcases a stunning appearance. With slightly rough edges and charm like no other; you will simply love our buddha three eye bracelets. Pair it with any formal and casual attire in your collection, and you are ready to head out the door.

According to Buddhism, the third eye refers to your consciousness, allowing you the opportunity to see a world that passes your physical eyes. Opening your third eye can help lead to inner realms and spaces that touch a high conscious level. Offering you the chance to achieve a state of enlightenment. Wearing our bracelet can help you achieve inner peace by getting in touch with what matters the most.

- Material: Wood
- Size: Stretchable
- Bead Size: 16-18cm