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Natural Stone Botswana Agates Turquoise Beads Bracelet

$55.99 USD

Our gorgeous Botswana agate natural stone bracelet showcases a stunning design. Formed using a range of natural stone, the Botswana agate bracelet offers you a charming bracelet that will hold your gaze. Pair our gorgeous piece with any formal or casual attire, and you will instantly look and feel amazing.

Wearing the Botswana agate natural stone can help you find the solution to your problem, rather than letting you sit and sulk over your issues. By pushing your creative side the natural stone helps come up with a positive solution that works best. Additionally, the bracelet is the perfect choice for someone who is lost and looking to fight depression and stress. The bracelet can help aid you by ensuring calmness, and self-confidence at times of need.


- Stone: Semi-precious
- Size: Stretchable
- Metal: Copper