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Black Onyx & Red Jasper Bracelet

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Our elegant and sophisticated black onyx and red jasper bracelet showcase a stunning collaboration of round black onyx stones, paired with a cylindrical red jasper stone sitting in the middle. Bringing forward a minimally designed, yet powerful natural stone bracelet that offers you design and natural healing components.

Wearing the black onyx can help absorb the negative energy around you while allowing you to develop physical strength, emotional strength, and stamina. While the red jasper stone helps ground your three lower chakras in place, creating a great flow from the earth. Making sure you are taking in all its natural benefits, and putting them to great use. This makes our black onyx and red jasper bracelet the perfect companion when you are going through stress, grief, or confusion.

- Stone: Semi-precious
- Size: Stretchable
- Metal: Stainless Steel