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108 Mala Natural Stone Aqua Terra Jasper Beads Bracelet

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Our Jasper natural stone bracelet showcases 108 jasper beads, coming together to create a stunning mala. This versatile piece can be worn around your neck or wrapped around your wrist. Either way, the mala bracelet offers you perfect support during times of stress while offering you positive energy that makes you feel content.

Wearing a 108 Jasper mala bracelet can offer the perfect style, as the bracelet holds the buddha head, and comes with the tree of life and om charm hanging by the edge. Allowing you the opportunity to channel calmness from buddha, purity from the lotus, and tranquility from the om charm. Creating a powerful and charming natural stone bracelet that looks and feels amazing.

- Stone: Natural
- Size: 95cm
- Beads: 108